Why Made In UK Matters

Nourish Ink is a UK brand with its product sourced and made in the UK. Why is this important to you?

For consumers or artists running their own tattoo business. Purchasing the right aftercare product is one the most important choices when getting a tattoo and for studios ensuring that supplies are sterile and safe is the top priority. Artists should achieve satisfaction by using high quality, safe tattoo equipment and clean, safe needles and inks. Whilst customers achieve satisfaction from the years of enjoyment of the artwork it is paramount this is looked after with the highest quality product available.

Products made in the UK are often of a higher quality and safer due to the restrictions and laws applied by the UK government. Our products have passed all the required tests to ensure they are both safe and achieve the desired results.

Tattooing has been around for centuries, and shows no signs of slowing. Many people have tattoos that are meaningful and for the artists, pleasing customers is all in a day's work. Nourish Ink is a tattoo aftercare balm that rivals all the rest.