What Helps Your Tattoo Heal?

Looking after your tattoo is vital to keep the quality of the design, in this article we look at the key steps to help your tattoo heal.

1. Don't re-wrap it

After you remove the covering from your tattoo, never cover it again. Your tattoo has to breathe to scab over and heal, and wrapping it back up will create excess moisture and slow the healing process down.

2. Clean with warm water

When cleaning your new tattoo never use hot water, remember a tattoo is essentially an open wound and you need to be gentle to have it heal faster and safer.

3. Don't Scratch it

It itches and your first urge is to scratch but this is never recommended for healing but the positive is when your tattoo starts to itch it is almost all the way healed - so hold of and let the process complete.

4. Don't peel scabs or skin

Unfortunately you can't rush a tattoo during the healing process, and ultimately, giving it the time it needs to have the scab naturally fall off ensures the skin underneath will be healthy.

5. Avoid baths

Soaking your tattoo can wreck the design. To help it heal fast and properly, stick with showers for a few weeks after each session.

6. Use aftercare balm

Getting the right ointment to help your tattoo is essential to dodging any infection that could slow down healing. Nourish Ink is fast becoming the industry standard for tattoo aftercare. With a mix of Aloe, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Beeswax the healing process is improved drastically. As with all aftercare balms we recommend it is used sparingly throughout to keep your tattoo hydrated.